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Lavender & Pearl: one end of Hijab has pearl additions. 
Pink & Pearls: one end of Hijab has pearl additions in a set of 3’s like a clover leaf. 
 The crepe satin Hijabs come in lavender, and light pink, and accented with white pearls at one end of scarf, giving these pieces an elegant, fancy and sophisticated look. The crepe back satin fabric is 100% polyester and 2yd in length. This fabric has a smooth; shiny satin front with a matte crepe finish in the back, making this fabric extremely versatile.


  • Care Section

    Wash by hand in cold water. (Machine washing, warm or hot water should not be used.)

    Do not use bleach and fabric softeners which can ruin its delicate nap.

    Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not put in dryer.

    Iron on a medium temperature setting. (The highest setting should not be used.) Iron on underside of scarf at low setting to avoid damaging and burning.

    Item can be dry-cleaned by any commercial establishment using fluorocarbon or petroleum. (Perchloroethylene solvent should not be used.)

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